Okinawa Traditional Karate Masters Overseas Exchange Program

An overseas exchange of Okinawa traditional karate masters was held in order
to inform the world of Okinawa traditional karate. The program was also
offered to share the spirit and courtesy of Okinawa traditional karate and
the beauty of kata (movement) through training experience.
We had been offering Okinawa Traditional Karate Seminars in some countries
since 2013, sending four Okinawa traditional karate instructors from four
ryu-ha (styles) and most of the participants were not Okinawa Traditional
Karate practitioners, instead pursuing such variations as sport karate,
Shotokan style karate, and so on.

The participants gave such feedback as:

“I was able to rediscover the merit of learning traditional karate.” “I got to learn the true meaning of kata.” “The movement was very smooth, which was quite unique and natural. At the same time, it also had depth.” “It was very different from the karate I’ve been learning—standing with the waist low and having minimal movements for each waza (technique) was very impressive.”

As can be seen, the seminar was highly valued. The following pictures are from the seminar:

2016 Russia, Canada, Tokyo

Nov. 2016, Moscow, Russia


Feb. 2017, Burlington, Ontario, Canada


Jan. 2017, Tokyo, Japan