Promotional Karate Performance for “Karate Day”

Karate Day 2016/10/23

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Karate Day 2016/10/23

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Karate Day

October 25 is the day the Okinawa Prefectural Assembly decided in March 2005 to establish as Karate Day. October 25, 1936, was the day that the writing of karate was formalized. An excerpt from the written resolution is cited below:

Karate is a “peace-making martial art” based on the philosophy of “karate ni sente nashi,” (meaning “there is no attacking first in karate”) and the idea of “nuchi du takara” (meaning “life is a treasure.”) It is certain that karate is needed and will make a great contribution to international society.

Therefore, this Okinawa Prefectural Assembly hereby declares “October 25” to be “Karate Day” hereafter, wishing for further development of karate as an Okinawan tradition and for its contribution to world peace and happiness.

Offering karate performances at a unique symbolic Ryukyu historical site such as Shuri Castle allowed us to rediscover “shurei no kokoro,” meaning “embrace all visitors who come to Okinawa and treat them with the utmost courtesy.” This event also helped us introduce “Karate Day” to the public inside and outside of Okinawa. The following are pictures of the performance.